Did you encounter markup that's worth adding to this prestigious collection? Please contribute!

Rules Rules

How to contribute How to contribute

Git Git

  1. Fork the repository and install the dependencies.
npm install
  1. Run the project
npm run start
  1. Take screenshot While the server is still running, run the following command to take a screenshot of your code.
npm run screenshot
  1. Push and create a pull request.

E-Mail or Twitter DM E-Mail or Twitter DM

You can send me an email or a DM on Twitter with your submission.

Adding content Adding content

Adding authors Adding authors

Add an author in ./hell/_data/authors.js if they're not listed.

"id": "UNIQUE ID",
"name": "DISPLAY NAME",

Adding a submission Adding a submission

Add a submission in ./hell/entries by copying any other markdown file in this folder.

  1. Show bad code
  2. Explain how to fix it
  3. Show good code

Snippets Snippets

I’m afraid that many suggestions will recur. To avoid duplicate content, there’s a file with snippets in hell/_data/snippets.js that you can use like this:

{{ snippets.sr_only }}